Payroll Features


Attendance can be managed manually as well as biometric devices. We are providing face detecting and finger print devices:

Features :
  • Employee Master
  • Category of Employees and its change
  • Staffs/CA Students/CAs/Accounts Trainees
  • Updation of Holidays/Normal Working Hours- 8 Hours
  • Alert for Warnings to employees
  • User Rights- Admin, Approval, employees
  • Web based access
  • Allowed Leaves- year wise
  • Time Recording of Multi Location
  • OnSite Time Recording
  • Work from Home
  • Payslip Issue
  • Employee - Company Assignment
Data Processing -
  • Daily Excess or shortage of Working hours
  • Holiday Working Hours
  • Monthly Excess or shortage hours
  • Input one date- output next day
  • Carry forward of Excess/Shortage hours on selected months
  • Calendar year
  • Training Period
  • Excess Leave/ Unutilised leaves
  • Approval of Manual Attendance- for miss out punching
  • Over time -Calculation Staff
  • Holidays working hours
  • Monthly Excess hours- Selected months
  • Unutilised leaves
  • Yearly Settlement
  • Shortage Hours adjustment to OT
  • Over time -Calculation Students
  • Shortage Hours adjustment to OT
Data inputs -
  • Input and output from punching machine
  • Multi time input and output in a day
  • Automatic export of data to software
  • Manual data input
  • Approval Required
Admin -
  • Multiple users
  • Monthly Summary Reports
  • Employee wise reports
  • Onsite Reports-Employee Wise
  • Leave Report- all active employees
  • Monthly Payslips
Reports -
  • Employees/Daily time records
  • Onsite Time Records/Leave Reports
  • Summary Reports
Alerts -
  • Intimation of leave marking
  • Intimation of miss out punching
  • Approvals- Leave, Onsite, Manual attendance
Payroll infographics