BPO Services

Back Office Outsourcing


This solution will be useful for

  • RIA's
  • Stock Brokers
  • Portfolio Advisory
  • Investment Banks

We offer an advanced software solution which integrates front-middle- back office functions in a portfolio management and advisory companies. As a portfolio manager you need a powerful support model that contributes to a competitive advantage. This will definitely help you to increase the volume of your business.

Our software solutions will reduce time required for :

  • Accounting functions
  • Investment research and analysis
  • Data gathering and manipulation
  • Order routing
  • Strategy builder
  • Making accurate performance measurement
  • Client reporting and management
  • Posting accurate accounting entries

Everything will be done with fast , accurate and reliable way. It is your core business activity. You need fast and accurate data analysis to reach informed decisions. You need to get better result from your asset allocations and have to do it in least possible time duration. So you need a technology platform that will never let you down.

Main features of portfolio analysis module:

  • Asset Filtering
  • Optimization
  • Re balancing
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Back testing

Accounting features:

Complete accounting with back office and front end integration. Our integration helps to avoid duplication of repeated jobs. Fees management - Different fees categories

  • Management fee- fixed
  • Performance based fee
  • Re balancing
  • Hurdle rate
  • High water mark

Separate system for various asset classes like MF, Equity, Bods, Properties and Private equity Accurate performance measurement Our software automatically calculate XIRR for individual holdings and overall portfolios, both absolute and relative to any benchmark you designate. We are using adjusted cost basis method. Reporting on performance at any interval you require – daily, monthly and quarterly. Tax calculation based on long term and short term capital gains.


How much time you spent on necessary--but uncompensated--tasks that ultimately don't add value?

Out source your back office functions to Excella Back office Solutions

    Ensure high level of
  • Accuracy
  • Security / Confidentiality
  • Flexibility

Excella provides a complete outsourcing solution for Investment advisers

Reduce your costs by one Third

Reduce your administrative costs .. Focus on your core business..

Our RIA outsourcing services cover all aspects of starting and operating an independent Registered Investment Advisory practice. We believe advisers should have the flexibility to choose the functions they handle and those they outsource.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each registered investment adviser.

We have a three-step approach for practice consulting:

  • Initial evaluation call to determine your needs
  • proposal draft based on initial consultation
  • Final review of the proposal to incorporate any additional feedback.

Excella Back office provides help with all the details including Client preliminary level entry, submitting and tracking transfers, performance reporting and posting, fee billing, Tax reporting , data migration, website integration and much more. Our highly qualified back office team will work with you in all facets of the transition.

We utilize state of the art technology tools to facilitate the workflow between the advisory's office and our back office team. This ensures fluent communication between the client and the back office. It also helps keep everyone on the same page and on track. Once the on boarding process is complete, a dedicated staff will be assigned at Excella for day to day task performance.

You can login our advisory portal..

Upload client transactions ..Job done..we will be doing the remaining work..

Front, middle & back end integration of financial service companies. Excella offers an advanced software solution for different types and sizes of financial service firms. Everything will be done with fast, accurate and reliable way. No human or clerical errors. After implementing the solution, your business start running smoothly than before.

  • Anytime, anywhere access via cloud-based deployment
  • Customization of client reporting
  • Daily position, transaction and performance information
  • Centralize all transactions and data
  • Assign control to different management people

All of our portfolio management platforms incorporate automated performance reporting. Our solutions integrate with market-leading providers of data. Software is installed in different versions according to your requirements We are doing necessary customization as per your specific needs. We value your inputs. Android App is our optional service.