Accounting and Payroll outsourcing services

Why outsource ?

It can save a lot of time and business owners can focus on their core activity once they transfer business process outsourcing jobs to experts. Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting and Payroll Services

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Continuous error check
  3. Easy Tax processing and regulatory compliances
  4. Bank reconciliation
  5. Application of uptodate accounting rules and standards
  6. Generating on time reports
  7. Finalisation of accounts
  8. Helps in effective projections and planning
  9. Time saved on all processing time on accounting and Payroll process

How does the system work for accounting?

Client Front End

There will be very minimalistic features in the client end. Client can find this user friendly and they can operate it with minimum instructions

  1. Purchase and Purchase return screen
  2. Sales and sales return screen
  3. Debit note / Credit note
  4. Cash/ Bank balance ledger
  5. Inventory management
  6. Receivables/ Payables management
  7. Statements of accounts – receivables/ payables
Accountant Back End

Accountant can assign jobs to the audit clerks easily and monitor the work progress

  1. Job allocation to a clerk
  2. Approval / user rights management
  3. Jobs progress monitoring
  4. Resource allocations
  5. Saving documents to a document vault
  6. Client wise and group wise job allocation
  7. Approval of data entered from client front
Accountant - Billing

This module can generate bills to clients of Accountant

  1. Billing with break up of services and tax
  2. Automated mailing/ Whatsapp messages system for reminder
  3. Reminders for important dates like submissions , filing etc.
  4. Client can see their pending bills with whenever they open their screen
Architecture of Accountant- Client Connect Solution

We are following web based solution –

  1. Users share a single, common infrastructure that is centrally maintained.
  2. A secured dedicated server is used for the database management.
  3. The ability for each user to customise applications to fit their business processes without affecting the common infrastructure.
  4. Improved access to data from any networked device while making it easier to manage privileges and monitor user log.